Hallå! Den 15 november så släpper jag HÅRGA. Jag spelade in den i skogen i Hälsingland och är min egna tolkning på Bemans låt ‘Hårgadansen’ Det blir en fristående ‘singel’ och i vår så börjar jag spela in uppföljaren till ‘The Nature Script’ – HÅRGA will be out nov 15. A one off song in …

Outdoor recording.

Hey! Been recording some new tunes outdoor with my buddy Daniel Lindblom. Some nature sounds among with the music. One song. It’s gonna be misty. /Martin

The Nature Script

The Nature Script is out. I have been working with this album during the last three years and it contains the Antler & Huntsman EPs (+ three new songs) I hope you like it. Recorded and produced by Daniel Lindblom Artwork: Niklas Brodd

Huntsman Info

Hey all! The HUNTSMAN Ep is out at last and this a sequel of the previous release ANTLER. Recorded by Daniel Lindblom. Mixed by Pontus Frisk. Artwork by Niklas Brodd. Bass: Daniel Lindblom except on “The First Fire” – Ubbe Hed. Drums on “Eternal” & “Huntsman” by Christer ‘Muttis’ Björklund, Drums on “Vantage Point” by …


Huntsman (EP) will be out Oct 19 and the video for Eternal will be out Oct 10. Then there will be a vinyl that compiles both Antler and Huntsman into one album (with some extra songs) Release for that piece will be in the end of Nov. /Martin


‘Eternal’ from upcoming EP ‘Huntsman’ will be out june 1. The song is recorded in a wooden church in Hälsingland and is about the devil and the one with eternal life. Artwork and additional guitar: Niklas Brodd

Vantage Point

Vantage Point takes place in an abandoned tree house in the northern parts of Sweden. ’A place i found when i was younger when i was hiking and i used to sit there just to watch the great scenery above the trees. It is a place that i still return to within just to feel …

Part two

Checking in to say Thank You for 2017. For the time you have spent listening to my music and for the positive feedbacks regarding my EP ‘Antler’ 2018 will be the year when part two will be out and that one is called ‘Huntsman’ The artwork is almost done (painted by Niklas Brodd) and reflects …


Det första av två EP-släpp från Martin Rubashov – Antler Med sin gitarr skapar Martin Rubashov en egen skog i en värld där människan springer runt i cirklar i jakten på perfektion.  Resan från Rubashovs två första album, ”The Watcher Of The Skies” och ”Among Silver” fram till den kommande EP:n, ”Antler”, har både utvecklat, …


I am done with the recordings for the upcoming releases. The last song named “Vantage Point” was recorded this july and will be the opening track on the second EP (probably release next year) The plan is, as you might know, to release two EPs (5 songs each) and then maybe (hopefully) put them on …