I am done with the recordings for the upcoming releases. The last song named “Vantage Point” was recorded this july and will be the opening track on the second EP (probably release next year) The plan is, as you might know, to release two EPs (5 songs each) and then maybe (hopefully) put them on a vinyl. The first EP is named Antler and will probably be out in september this year. Two songs are allready out from Antler (Muddy Mountain King and Black Elk) and the three others are: The Running River, The Great Wild Silence and Petrichor (a seven minute track). The lovely artwork is done by the very talented Niklas Brodd and much love and respect to Daniel Lindblom who has recorded and produced this together with me. I really hope you will like it as much as i do and i can’t wait to let you hear the second EP as well.. This will be out on Despotz Records. Thank you for listening./M