The Fall Of Feathers

Now is the time for your tears

I will leave you with this

I will find a way out of here

There is pulse within this

As the river runs cold i still reach for the sun
With my wings ablaze as i fall to the ground
I will be fighting until the end

I will be fighting until the end

It keeps me alive
I am bound to trust your word

You took my soul so easily

It`s even hard to walk when chasing for reality

Pretending to search for things that you hide

I´ve been lost for days and i can`t even find a way back because my eyes don`t reflect
I will be fighting until the end

I will be fighting until the end

It keeps me alive

We will be fighting until the end

Will we be fighting until the end?

Map Of The Stars

A sad excuse

You will overcome

Rest your head in hands so often used

Free from this sudden fate

I will be the one who waits for this to change and to learn how to bridge this void

This mountain range will let my mind unfold

Lavish in uncertainty is not a state for you or me
When i close my eyes

Where are you then?

When i open up 

Where are you then?
Take to the skies

We used to watch them as time went by

Add fuel to the fire or put your mind to rest

I remain torn in two

Reach out and tell me what to do

I won`t deny that i have felt it too

A great escape for another point of view

But nothing can steal my sight when i watch the stars as they fall at night

The Swing At The End Of The World

Imaginations from the mind in the cave

The code of silence makes me sigh

I am isolated and i don`t how to save

the stare of love from your eyes
Save me

before i loose the grip at the edge of the world

Save me

I am on the swing at the end of the world

I touched the void 

before i learned how to fly on broken wings.. i just had to try

A grand illusion 

Sometimes i can see

Whatever happens 

Do believe


It goes on when everything should be still
Like an avalanche from the snow covered hills

A second wind brings me back on my feet

The open wound 

I just let it bleed
Memories put me here

but i want to go to the mountains

So i can see clear

A remedy can maybe set me free

and take me home to the mountains

so i can see you
So i roam but i don`t know where i am heading to

Like a perfect storm i might pass you through

A landslide brings me back to the start

Alone again 

Like a long lost art

Eyes Shut

Black vultures in the evening sky
Through tears i can watch them dive

And the prey is lost on the open field

Funny how the fate works but i believe

that if i move on with lessons learned

I can still let those bridges burn

Even if i am alone in this i can never go back

I was the one who begged on and on

But i needed you
Eyes shut in the rain 

I will find you still searching for the gold

With those red eyes in the end 

When you find it

Still no shadow will be cast upon your soul
I hear echoes in the howlin wind

It still happens that i burst within

But i am so much stronger now than then

I will never go back

I was the one who pleased everyone

But i needed you


There is a message on the sunlit wall

says the time has come

To find shelter once and for all

Because we are the chosen ones

I don`t know if i believe it but i know there is a change

I don`t know if you feel it but i know there is a storm coming right this way

A storm will sweep us all away
There is a hideout far from the open sea

Where at nights i keep the lights out

Til the darkness sets me free and i am finally able to see

you lost on the open sea 

And at night i`ll keep the lights on so the darkness will let you be

And so you`re finally able to see
I hear voices from the underground 

They are searching for souls

Retribution for the things we have done

We have lost all control

In the heat i can see it

Hallucinations again

And i know that you can feel it

There is a storm coming right this way

Whispers At Night

Secrets that we share in the dark

Do you dare?

For the first time i really don`t care if you shout it out

Let them hear

Walking through meadows at dawn on my way home

Stories that i have shared

I just made them up to make you scared

For the first time i really don`t mind if you spread the words

Because they were never mine

I hold my breath 

I have been waiting for this

To find my way home

I will speed up the strength at the end

I always return in the end

Exile Heart

Those tears mislead me

Like the nymph of the rain

My evacuation

The search for the golden hymn

The time is ripe for a survival

I will leave it there

Don`t let your hands be idle
The exile heart finds peace again

The troubled mind is free again
So I returned here to a mellow sound

Steam slowly rises from the frost covered ground

Still the wildfires is getting closer

I feel the flames while you seem frozen

The Traveling Mute

Traveling north with a mark on his skin

I smell sulfur in the wind

Illusions are real and i know that he has been to places i have never seen.

I want to know how to find which way to go

I want to talk to him but he silently turns away and then he is gone again

Still on a barren hill with a violin he plays his song

Tunes from the ashes but with fire within

He rammers the rate with his cloven foot

My pulse remains unsteady while i am waiting for the morning sun
I don`t know if i will ever be ready but the journey begins again

Down down under

I hear angels sing

I hear the devil sing


You will find me

Somewhere else

You will find me

Nowhere else

White Nights

When the bottle is done and the night is bright

I want to stay up for a few more hours

I want to swim in the lake

I want to drift away even if it`s much too late

From this glasslike porch i can see the birds fly north

When my mind is blank i can hear you whisper about days gone by

And its understood that you once fought for your dreams that lead into something good

And i finally believe those words that you told me to keep as secrets to trust if i could

From this glasslike porch i can see the birds fly north
When i`m lost in view i will stay up late for you

I am free in this isolation 

I can see beyond the devastation

As long as you are here with me